Balflear (The Testament of Sister New Devil 08)
Name Balflear
Age Unspecified
Gender Male Male
Personal Status
Professional Status
Race Demon
Occupation Unknown
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime Season 2 Episode 3
Voice Actor
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Balflear is a supporter of Leohart. He reappears to spy on the council to know of their intentions. He fails to return from this investigation and hence forfeits his match by default.



Balflear is an opportunist. He is willing to play whichever side best suits his agenda. He's driven by his desire for revenge against those who wronged him in the past.


Balflear was one of the demons who fought during the Great War against the Hero Clan. At some point during the war, he was captured by the Vatican and turned into one of their experiments. During his time in captivity he meets Shiba.


Baflear disappears in the chaos of the Demon World arc and goes to the Vatican. While at the Vatican, he takes on the name Cleo Angeles and works as an inquisitor alongside Celis.

Powers and Abilities

Balflear practices something similar to contract magic. He's able to use the powers of those he signed contracts with.

Contract magic abilities:

  • The wraith- due to his contract with the high class demon the wraith Baflear is able to disappear and erase his presence. It proved useful for all of his covert missions for Leohart, and was the reason as to why he was able to slip away from the Demon Realm unnoticed during the He's able to evade physical attacks by simply removing his body. He's so skilled with using the power of the wraith that not even Chaos himself could detect Balflear.
  • Legion- is made up of devils that have made a contract with Balflear. They are mono eyed creatures, and their bodies have a frightening sludge like appearance. Since Balflear has a perfect contract with Legion, he's able to summon as many of them as he wants without any restriction. Legion is essentially Balflear's unkillable army. Like Chaos, they are originally from a higher world.